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The YMCA of The Top End Youth and Community Services is guided by its strategic plan with the vision of we are passionate advocates of an active, engaged lifestyle. With our partners, we enable communities to enrich their lives for a stronger future. Together, we provide quality and accessible services to being out the best in people, families and communities.

Youth and Communities

The YMCA Youth and Community Services operate at Palmerston and Belyuen and are aimed to improve life choices and outcomes for young people through targeted diversion activities, education, awareness and training initiatives.

The YMCA of the Top End provides youth with a program that includes peer mentoring, pre-employment, skill development and pathway programs that builds strength towards better life choices while increasing health, wellbeing, self-esteem and leadership skills. The program’s objective is a suite of services to support families to improve children’s wellbeing, development and safety and to enhance family functioning.

The YMCA Palmerston and Belyuen follow a referral  (including self-referral) intake and assessment process based on a case management  model that advocates and assesses the individuals holistic needs through communication, planning and available resources whilst facilitation quality outcomes. The Youth and Communities program operates school holidays and weekdays. The benefits the YMCA Youth and Community Services provides youth with:

·         Preparation for and success in pre-employment, employment, skill development pathway programs.

·         Increase in health, wellbeing, self-esteem, and leadership skills through providing social/life skills and recreational programs.

·         Improving educational achievement (support needed for youth to be successful to completion of high school diploma, pre-employment workshops, youth group leadership activities.

·         Provide adequate support for youth 

         Create a positive/safe environment for youth aged 10-20

 Drop in Centre

The YMCA Drop in Centre is a large youth and community facility offering values based leadership through social, educational and recreational opportunities to young people from the Top End. The Drop in Centre is a place for young people aged 10-20 to come relax in a safe supervised environment and acquire skill that will benefit them in their personal development. The program is operated by the YMCA and is located in the Statepak Building, Palmerston Circuit Palmerston on weekdays and during the school holidays.

The Drop in Centre operates a variety of programme’s including a range of free after school recreational activities, a school holiday program and late evening activities.


“Our objective is to instil positive values amongst the youth thereby helping to unlock their potential, contribution towards inner healing and working towards a fulfilled positive future”.


Youth and Community Services contact details,

Manager- Morgan Ewing 08 89321096


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